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Stainless steel standards

brands, sizes, type of surface

brands, sizes, type of surface

The APTT GROUP of COMPANIES today trades in stainless steel products and we supply all types of sizes and standards for steel grades from the best stainless steel manufacturers. Sheet and strip made of stainless steel AISI 304 (08X12H10): the material is enriched with nickel and chromium, heat-resistant, easy to process (in particular, weld), and it can also be polished to a mirror surface.

surface: 2B – matt, VA – mirrored, 4N – matt
size: 1000 x 2000/1250 x 2500/1500 x 3000


AISI 430 (12X17) stainless steel sheet and tape: magnetic, good plastic deformation and can be used at temperatures up to 150 degrees. They are used in equipment for milking gas and oil refining.

surface: 2B – matt, VA – mirrored, 4N – matt
1000 x 2000/1250 x 2500/1500 x 3000

Stainless steel sheet AISI 321 (08X12H10T): does not magnetize and can withstand temperatures up to 800 degrees. It is used for the manufacture of parts that subsequently enter a chemically aggressive environment. The ideal solution for creating complex shapes.

surface: 2B – matt
1000 x 2000/1250 x 2500 /


Stainless steel sheet AISI 201 (12Х15Г9Н4Д): has the ability to deform.

surface: 2B – matt and 4N – brushed
1000 x 2000/1250 x 2500 /


Corrosion-proof sheet is a very popular material in construction. The name speaks for itself, namely, the material is not susceptible to corrosive processes and is suitable for long-term operation. In addition, it is not afraid of fluctuations in air temperature and atmospheric phenomena.

Corrosion-proof sheet does not need complex metal processing technologies, but does not lose its aesthetic characteristics for a long period. Due to this quality, stainless steel is in great demand in the creation of complex design solutions for interiors and exteriors.

This material fits perfectly into the design of elevators, swimming pools, bars, floor coverings, and is also used for cladding elements of buildings and structures. Its functionality and aesthetic appeal add creativity and eccentricity to any modern design.

Stainless steel is an environmentally friendly raw material, so it is quite suitable for the medical and food industries. It is used to make professional equipment for processing, storing and transporting food.