AISI 410 (12Х13), AISI 420 (40Х13), AISI 430 (12X17)



AISI 410 (12Х13)
Basic martensitic stainless steel. Possesses high impact strength, good corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. It is used in products exposed to mildly aggressive environments (atmospheric precipitation, aqueous solutions of organic acid salts) at elevated temperatures and in aqueous solutions and water vapors.

Material type: sheet metal, pipes, profiles
Applications of aisi 410 stainless steel: industry winemaking (in direct contact with wort, cognac alcohol)
2.production of cutting products and fasteners
3.production of components for technical and kitchen equipment
4.production of filtration devices
5. manufacture of products operated in fresh water and steam

AISI 420 (40Х13)
Martensitic stainless steel, a combination of high wear resistance and good corrosion resistance AISI 420 steel has good resistance to scale formation up to 700 ° C. Not applicable for welded structures. AISI 420 steel can be used for the manufacture of technological equipment used at various stages of food production (washing or hygienic processing of raw materials, grinding, separation and sorting of products, mixing, heat treatment).

Material type: sheet metal, pipes, profiles
Fields of application of aisi 420 stainless steel:
1.production of springs for operation at temperatures up to 400-450 C, springs, ball bearings
2.production of carburetor needles
3. parts of the internal devices of devices and other various parts that wear out in mildly aggressive environments up to 450 ° С
4.heat and separation screens, filters utensils

AISI 430 (12X17)
These are the most widely used ferritic chromium steels. They have good strength and mechanical characteristics, which provide a high chromium content and a low carbon content; well deformed, used in drawing and stamping processes. Unlike austenitic nickel-containing steels / low-carbon chromium ferritic steels, they are resistant to corrosion processes in various sulfur-containing environments. Therefore, products made of AISI 430 steel can be used in systems for pumping gas, oil and pure oil products. Structures made of AISI 430 change their dimensions less with temperature fluctuations.

Material type: sheet, bar, pipes
Scopes of stainless steel mrki aisi 430:

production of heat exchange systems
fasteners, rollers, bushings
vessels operating in dilute solutions of nitric, acetic, citric acid
vessels operating in solutions of salts with oxidizing properties