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Features and advantages of technical stainless steel sheet

AISI 430, AISI 409, AISI 201


stainless steel sheet is one of the most common types of sheet metal, which is characterized by increased resistance to aggressive environments and corrosion processes. This material is obtained by hot or cold rolling. To make the surface more smooth, stainless steel sheets lend themselves to additional grinding and polishing. As for technical stainless steel (nickel-free steel), it can have a different surface coating and differ in the level of surface treatment.

Application of technical stainless steel

pipes for heat exchangers
air conditioners and radiators
sheet stainless steel for the production of elevators
decorative and protective fences
containers for transportation and storage
petrochemical products as well as tanks for storing aggressive acids.

Advantages of stainless steel sheet technical:

moisture and acid resistance;
reliable protection against corrosion;
strength and hardness;
the ability to withstand intense loads;
practicality and durability;
simplicity in subsequent processing (cutting, stamping, welding, punching, painting, etc.).

Areas of exploitation of AISI 430/409/201 stainless alloy sheet: construction, chemical, heavy, food industry, decor. Profiled sheeting, mechanisms and parts for vehicles and military equipment, perforated sheets are produced from it. The material is also used for the construction of stairs and fences, roof ceilings, in the creation of design elements for the exterior and interior of buildings.