High hardness armor with extraordinary toughness properties

Benefits of Armox® 500T include:

  • Market-leading steel protection
  • Superior workshop properties
  • Optimized solutions
  • Perfect hardness/toughness balance, for combined penetration and blast protection
  • Expertise in ballistic protection from SSAB

It offers vehicle designers new ways to increase protection using lighter weight designs.

Armox® 500T is not intended for further heat treatment.


item thickness, mm size, mm manufacturer type price, UAH/pc  price, UAH/set
Armor plates without rubber 6 250х300 Armox (SSAB, Sweden) 500T 1500 3000
Armor plates with rubber 6 250х300 500T 2450 4900



thickness, mm size manufacturer type price, UAH/kg
6 2400×3000 Armox (SSAB, Sweden) 500T 265
6 2000х4000 HARDOX  (SSAB, Sweden) 500 250
6 2000х6000 QUARD (Belgium) 500 250
6 2500х8000 NM 500 250
8 2000х4000 HARDOX   (SSAB, Sweden) 500 250



Mechanical Testing

Brinell hardness test according to EN ISO 6506-1 on each heat treatment individual.

Charpy impact test according to EN ISO 148 on each heat and thickness from 6 mm.

Tensile test according to EN ISO 6892 on each heat and thickness under 19.9 mm.

Ultrasonic testing

According to EN ISO 10 160 Class E3S3.